Foster innovation culture & improve retention

Send your top employees on startup workation

Enable your senior employees to make startup experiences to foster a culture of innovation and improve employee retention.

  • Execs gain valuable experience in an agile environment
  • Let talent learn new ways of thinking and working
  • Cultivate a more fresh and innovative culture

Create a new learning and growth environment

People are constantly on the lookout for challenges with which they can grow – so are your employees. Startups in particular offer a unique opportunity to get to know new ways of thinking and methods of action. betascale offers “startup workations” – workations ranging from 4 to 8 weeks for senior employees.

Bring innovation and new impulses back into the company

From innovation and lean design leaders, your employees learn how to think and act in order to make an impact in the startup environment and actively support the team.

Your employees will bring back their experiences and insights and apply them to your company.

Let’s create a program to retain senior talent!