Radical efficiency in SaaS company building through reusability

betascale industrializes SaaS company building. We do this by standardizing and reusing all generic components of a SaaS company — from code to back office. This allows us to build companies at scale.


What we provide

  • Get experienced SaaS entrepreneurs as co-founders – We help you identify opportunities, design a product, write code, define a go-to-market strategy and lay the foundation for growth. We provide a team of experienced SaaS entrepreneurs to work with you on development, UI/UX, growth, business design and funding.
  • Secure funding – We invest in every startup we launch and have a detailed fundraising handbook and network to raise your seed and Series A funding. As we have a vested interest in your success, we are heavily committed to you.
  • Benefit from extensive experience in B2B SaaS and AI – Our expertise lies in identifying disruptive B2B opportunities and AI technologies, fine-tuning business models, and driving rapid growth to transform innovative ideas into scalable companies.

We are looking for people who

  • Have deep industry experience and connections
  • Have a strong POV on what a market is missing or an unmet customer need
  • Are passionate about building in the B2B or AI space and using software to solve key industry challenges
  • (Ideally) have a great idea born from direct domain or personal experience
  • (Ideally) have founded a company before or were an early builder at a startup