Develop skills and expand your network

Many years of learning in only 1

betascale enables young and ambitious builders to enter the professional world after graduation (not just university!). The unique environment allows for learnings in one year that would require many times that in other companies.

  • Develop your skills at young SaaS companies
  • Get mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs
  • Expand your network to entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors

Find a domain and role that suits you best

As a graduate student or aspiring builder, you join betascale as an intern. Within 2-3 months you work on products and tasks that pique your interest, learn what it takes to make progress every day, and eventually earn your right to a trainee position – whether it’s in engineering, marketing, sales, or business in general.

Take on more responsibility and get into the weeds

As a trainee, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the codebase, co-shape Go-to-Market strategies, optimize sales funnels, assist in and manage strategic projects, and execute business strategies. Usually, the trainee period is 3 months.

Become a high performer and work your way up

At the end of our initial program, you will join the part of the ecosystem where you add the most value and can build on your strengths. Your learning journey will never end as our world never stops changing.

Join us and embark on the startup journey!