Introduction of Korab, our Full Stack Developer at betascale Labs

Korab has been working at betascale Labs as a Full Stack Developer since the beginning of 2023. Today, we get to know him a little better and learn what he loves about his work, why he chose betascale Labs, what his motto is, and what message he would write on a billboard for millions of people to see.

Quick facts about Korab:

  • From: Lives in Vushtrria, Kosovo, and travels daily from there to the betascale Labs office in Prishtina.
  • Motto: Collaboration over competition.
  • His style in one word: Simple!
  • What makes Korab happy: For Korab, happiness comes from spending quality time with family and achieving a satisfying work-life balance.

What is your background?

I am a software application engineer with 3 years of experience, proficient in Python and JavaScript programming languages. Throughout my career I have contributed to quite a lot of projects, developing my talents in creating powerful innovative solutions that I am excited about at the present time, as well as providing technical solutions for challenging situations.

Why did you choose betascale Labs?

I chose betascale Labs because the company offers incredible potential for growth and innovation in the tech industry. For me, being part of a young and dynamic team directly impacts the success of the company and shapes its future. The opportunity to work closely with the founders and have a direct influence on their actions was a key factor in my decision.

What does your day-to-day work as a Full Stack Developer look like?

As a Full Stack Developer some of my daily tasks include integrated frontend and backend development, API integration, bug fixes, code reviews, and collaborating with the focus group to ensure project requirements and deadlines are met. Continuous learning is an integral part of my journey as a developer, and I have the latest technology and best practices to enhance my skills and deliver the best results.

What do you love most about your work at betascale Labs?

Being part of a young team and working closely with the founders is what I love most about betascale Labs.

Profitability, Collaboration, Results, Efficiency, Diversity and Inclusion and Belonging, and Iteration: at betascale, we live our six core values. Which of them resonates with you the most? Why?

I value collaboration the most. Working together helps us achieve great things, use different ideas and create a supportive environment where everyone contributes to our success.

Can you tell us about a hobby or interest you have outside of work?

Board Games or Puzzles: Board games and puzzles can challenge your problem-solving skills and provide a social and fun experience with friends and family.

How would your friends describe you?

My friends see me as charismatic, funny, and deeply devoted to programming.

Is there something you’re particularly passionate about and would like to share with us?

As a software engineer, my passion lies in developing innovative and effective software solutions to solve real-world problems. I love the process of designing and implementing software, as well as constantly learning and improving my skills.

Do you have role models?

My role model is Mark Zuckerberg. I admire his vision for the future of technology and his commitment to making the world more connected has had a profound impact on the digital landscape.

How do you handle stress and pressure in your life? Any specific life hacks?

The amount of stress you can tolerate while remaining effective is directly correlated to the level of success you will enjoy.

That’s deep! Since most betascalers live not only in different cities but in different countries: What is something we need to know about Vushtrria?

Besides being the oldest city in Kosovo, Vushtrria is also well known for traditional food and Turkish tea. Here you can enjoy a lot of good food and different drinks. Knowing that it is the oldest city in Kosovo, it has a lot of historical monuments like the Old Tower and the Old Stone Bridge. Also, the city is known for its friendly and nice people.

Wrap-up with 7 rapid-fire questions

  • Favorite music? Hip Hop and favorite singer Eminem.
  • Favorite food and drink? Fli (a traditional Albanian food) and Coca Cola.
  • Morning or evening person? Evening person, always.
  • Favorite movie? Central Intelligence (an action comedy starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart)
  • Common misconceptions about Full Stack Developers? We can’t fix your TV and we can’t hack your Facebook.
  • What is the best advice you have ever received? Go slow to go fast.
  • What message would you put on a billboard that millions of people could see? I have to go to work today. Change the language. I GET to go to work today.

About betascale

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