What It Takes to Build Multiple SaaS Companies with Multiple Teams simultaneously – Part 3

What advice does a Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead give to aspiring Software Engineers? Find out in the last part of this 3-part interview series.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build Software as a Service (SaaS) companies? And not just one SaaS company with one team, but multiple SaaS companies with multiple teams at the same time? Then this is for you. Today we are talking to our Lead Software Engineer at betascale Labs, Bleron. In this interview, he talks about the challenges he faces on a daily basis, shares what leadership and company culture mean to him, the importance of mentors in software development, and what advice he would give to aspiring software engineers. But the interview doesn’t stop there: Bleron also shares his approach towards a healthy work-life balance, his future career goals, and what message he would write on a billboard for millions of people to see.

This is the last part of a 3-part interview series. In the first part we explored the challenges Bleron faces in his role as Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead, and how he addresses them. In part 2, we explored what leadership means to Bleron and what values are particularly important to him in shaping team dynamics. And now in the final part, Bleron highlights the importance of mentorship, gives advice to aspiring Software Engineers, and shares some insights into his personal life.


Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead at betascale Labs

Bleron is 27 years old and was born in Prishtina, Kosovo. His professional career started in 2017 as a Full Stack Developer at ProxiBay, which was fundamental for him as this role allowed him to gain hands-on experience in software development for almost three years. In early 2020, he then joined Incodeks, this time as a Software Engineer, where he deepened his expertise by working on various projects that expanded his technical skills. These two stations finally led him to betascale Labs in January 2023, where he has been working as Senior Software Engineer and Team Lead ever since. In this role, Bleron currently leads three projects: Acquify, gut geregelt and Widgetino.

Advice & Mentorship

How important is mentorship in software engineering? Have you had any key mentors in your career?

In my opinion, mentorship is especially important in the software engineering field, as it plays a crucial role in the growth and development of professionals. Having mentors has been crucial in my career as each of them brought important qualities to the table, one of the most important being composure. This guidance was essential in navigating the complexities of the field and advancing my own professional development.

What advice do you have for aspiring software engineers?

My advice would be to focus on reading and staying calm while keeping up to date with global developments in the field. This combination of continuous learning, keeping composure in challenging situations and staying informed about industry trends is crucial for success in this dynamic and ever-evolving profession.

What resources do you recommend to software engineers for their professional growth?

I’d recommend a mix of books, courses, and other resources. Books that delve into both the technical aspects and the softer skills of the profession can be immensely beneficial. Online courses, especially those offered by reputable institutions or platforms, provide up-to-date knowledge and practical skills. Additionally, engaging with resources like coding challenges, tech blogs, and industry forums can be used to keep up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the field. It’s also helpful to be part of a community or network of professionals to exchange ideas and experiences. Remember, continuous learning and adaptability are key in this ever-evolving industry.

Mi advice for aspiring software engineers: focus on reading, stay calm and keep up to date with global developments in the field.

What would you say to someone who wants to join betascale Labs?

At betascale Labs, you’ll find plenty of room to grow professionally, a welcoming environment where you can bring your own ideas to the table, and a culture that is open to explore new possibilities. Take advantage of these opportunities to fully contribute to our dynamic and innovative team.

Personal questions

Thank you for your great advice! Before we wrap up this rather extensive interview, I would like to ask you a few personal questions: How do you manage to maintain a healthy work-life balance in such a demanding role?

For me, this requires a strategic approach. It’s important to draw clear boundaries between work and personal life. Prioritizing and delegating tasks helps to manage the workload effectively. Regular breaks and time for relaxation and hobbies are crucial for my mental wellbeing. For me, it is also important to stay physically active and maintain social contacts outside of work. Balancing work responsibilities and personal life is key to long-term productivity and general wellbeing.

Are there any non-technical hobbies that you do that you think enhance your creativity and problem-solving skills at work?

Yes, absolutely. Non-technical hobbies such as skiing in the winter and working out regularly at the gym greatly enhance my creativity and problem-solving skills at work. Skiing, which requires quick decision-making and adaptability, sharpens reflexes and strategic thinking. Regular gym workouts contribute to overall physical health, which is closely linked to mental clarity and focus. Both activities provide a valuable break from the technical world, allow for mental rejuvenation and help cultivate a fresh perspective when it comes to tackling professional challenges.

A healthy work-life balance requires a strategic approach: it is important to draw clear boundaries between work and personal life.

What are some of your proudest personal achievements in software engineering?

Being able to make a significant contribution to the growth of our company culture. This includes fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration and continuous learning, which not only enhances the team’s performance, but also has a positive impact on the overall success and development of the company in the tech industry.

What are your goals in your career?

I want to continue to develop in my current position. I want to focus on improving both my leadership and technical skills. This includes taking on more responsibility, driving innovation and making a significant contribution to the growth and success of the company. By continuously building my expertise and fostering a culture of creativity and progress, I want to reach new heights in my career path and make a lasting impact in the field of software engineering.

“Do not give up!” – This mantra has been my guiding force in both my professional and my personal life.

What’s the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I’ve ever received is simple yet powerful: “Do not give up!” This mantra has been my guiding force in both my professional and personal life, reminding me to persevere through challenges and stick to my goals, no matter how difficult the journey may seem. It underscores the importance of resilience and determination in order to succeed.

What message would you want to write on a billboard that millions of people could see?

“Dream big”

A straightforward and powerful message from our Lead Software Engineer to wrap things up! Thank you so much for the interview, Bleron, we greatly appreciate you and are happy to have you in the band!

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